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Lessons can be carried out with no necessity of teachers or technical operators. 
The only teacher is a Notebook with a 15.6 inch screen and equipped with 2 external 1.5 Watt loudspeakers. MicroSoft Office PowerPoint 2007, 2013 or 2016 is required. In addition to this, our DVDs containing the "Audio-visual Course of Modern Hebrew" will impart the lessons. The Notebook will be placed on the teachers’s desk and indefatigably work better than a  teacher in person - anywhere, 24/365.
At the end of each period of study – 4 weeks – pupils will know a whole discourse in Hebrew by heart both in written and spoken form together with the rispective grammar.

The teaching always develops at a sedate pace and in digestible bits so as to avoid any sense of rush or anxiety in the student – a stress which would counter much of the effort of the mind to learn the language.

In conclusion, we may well assert, from our teaching experience,  that the quickest way to learn a language – in this instance Hebrew - is, to learn it slowly and well. 
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