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The “Audio-visual Course of Modern Hebrew” is designed to be used in a classroom for 30-35 pupils at a time, because texts are written out in big characters which can be read from within a distance of 8 yards.


Pupils will attend 8 classes every month, twice weekly, for a total of 16 hrs study.

No books are needed to follow this course. The discourses in the Hebraic language were composed and read out by well-read native Israeli  speakers. A distinguished editor of Part One was Mr. Eran Sasson, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Editing of Part Two is under way with the collaboration of Dr. Amit Roren, Tel-Aviv.

All Hebrew texts are fully vocalized. As our teaching method consists in studying each unit 8 times over a period of 4 weeks, the first time pupils are expected to copy the text from the screen with vowels; the remaining 7 times, they will write it down without vowels as they do in Israel today. In this way, pupils will hold in their notebooks a vocalized copy of text for reference and be able to exactly look for every word in the Hebrew dictionary. 
In this course, Hebrew Cursive Alphabet is shown together with the corresponding printed letters to help pupils learn the hand written form of the language.

Against what is normally believed, a language can only be learnt with slow, repeated exercise, thus respecting brains metabolism which is still the same since audio-visual courses were invented. In fact, if sound, light, tactile or other stimuli are repeated often enough, they sink into the subconscious and make a lasting impression. 
For these reasons, we help students implement their study with repeated sentence and grammar drill in the classroom, thus ensuring the necessary work to be done regularly.


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